Comprehensive Server Virtualization and IaaS Cloud Solution

Edge-Core Cirro Cloud System 

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About this product

Product Overview

Cirro provides a Server Virtualization or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) platform which integrating computing, storage, networking, and security. It is a virtualized infrastructure that implements elastic expansion and centralized operation.

What is Edge-Core Cirro?

Cirro is an ideal choice for organizations that want to partition their physical servers into multiple virtual servers (Virtual machines), each running its own operating system and applications. This dramatically minimizing the IT infrastructure costs by increasing the utilization of existing server hardware resources, reducing the power, maintenance and cooling requirement. It is also a ideal solution for IDC, Cloud Service Provider to provide private cloud infrastructure for business user.

Key Benefits

Improved Maintenance & Operation Efficiency

l Convenient Maintenance & Management

l High Availability

l Backup and Recovery

l Virtual Network Switching

Advanced Security

l High Security

l Firewall

Reduced Operating Cost

l Reduced Maintenance Costs

l Maximized Resource Utilization

What is Included in Edge-Core Cirro?

l Cirro Server Software

l Strato Controller

Product specification
The listed specification is subject to change without prior notice.